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It’s the color of a food item that makes it the visual treat that it is!

Acrylic, polyester, nylon rayon - whatever fiber you have, we have the direct dye to color it!

Our superior quality acid dyes are perfect to dye silk, wool, and other protein fibres.

Looking for dry colorants? We have highly superior quality of pigment powder available with us.

Is it denim that you’re looking to dye? If yes, then this is where your search for the ideal dye ends!

More than Just a Market Player: We’re a Dye and Pigment Connoisseur!

Life would be abundantly mundane, if not for the colors that make it ever more exciting. With so many hues and shades and tones available, choosing a color is very much an art in itself. And after you choose your a color, next comes the question as to how you want to get something colored.

It is this latter choice that we, at Munna Dye Chem Group of Industries are here to help you answer. We know evey dyestuff there is, and we understand everything that these colors are applied on. We provide every kind of dye and pigment that there is, including reactive, acid, vat, disperse dyes, and more. No one knows it better than we do - how a color, and a dye or a pigment works with a certain fabric, or food item, or any thing that you’re looking to get dyed.

With more than 40 years of experience in the being exceptional Dye Suppliers and Dyes Manufacturer in India, it is not just our job, but out pleasure to assist you pick the dye that suits your needs the best!


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