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Colors of Munna Dye Chem

Colors of Munna Dye Chem

In the mundanity of life, it is colors that primarily take up the major role in the upliftment of mood, heart, and soul. A hue here, a shade there, and there you go; color brings happiness right to your fingertips. Bearing such affinity for each and every color, Munna Dye Chem Group of Industries is committed towards providing its patrons with a dash and splash of the best quality colors, in any kind or shade they want!


Munna Dye Chem Group of Industries came into existence a little more than 40 years ago, in the year 1975. Following its humble beginnings in the walled city of Ahmedabad, Yusuf Y. Pomchawala had a dream to see this company make every kind of dyestuff, and that too of a superior quality.

Sure enough, today Munna Dye Chem Group of Industries manufactures reactive dyes, acidic dyes, food colors, basic dyes, vat dyes, solvent dyes, while also delving into making pigment powder and pigment dyes. Our dyes are used in fields and industries that range from textiles, cosmetics, food products, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, medical industry, leather, printing ink, paper, jute, and many others.

Not just numero uno in its quality, but we’re also market leaders when it comes to delivering our products on time, and at competitive prices. The dream of our founder to have this company’s reputation for being a leading dyestuff manufacturer in the country precede its name, has after years of hard work, come true.

Lab Facilities

The Lab Facilities We Have

Our state-of-the-art machinery and a fully equipped laboratory helps us maintain our strict standards of testing and quality control measurements. We have here:


  • Solubility Bath
  • Electronic Balances
  • Washing Fastness Light Fastness Machine
  • Spectrophotometer of Gretec Macbeth
  • Leather Dyeing Machine
  • Pad Batch Dyeing Machine
  • Automatic Dyeing Machines
  • Shaker Bath

and more…

Our Production Capacity

The total production capacity at Munna Dye Chem is near about 5000 MT/PA, which includes all kinds of dyestuff - that is, acid dyes, reactive ones, and likewise all of them.

This capacity has been a result of the production facilities that we have been able to provide, such as Tray Dryers, Spray Dryers, Fluid Bed Dryers which help in producing dyes that are free of salt.

Then, there is Nauta mixer and blender which aids in the dedusting of the final dye, further helping in maintaining a certain amount of safety for workers and industrial hygiene as well.

Production Capacity

Expansion Plan



We Believe Our Environment is Our Responsibility

Munna Dye Chem is a company that has always prided itself for always bearing the protection of environment in mind. Our organization takes the aspect of eco-friendliness in absolute seriousness, and we let it reflect in the methods we employ for manufacturing each and every dye.

We strongly believe in the concept of reuse and recycling; and we make every effort possible in putting our beliefs to work, every day at work.

The Champion of Superior Quality Dyes

Having been in the manufacturing business since more than 4 decades, we understand that the name of a brand is only as good as the quality it represents. And we, at Munna Dye Chem know this better than most.

Our state of the art technology, latest equipments for manufacturing purpose, followed by a strict quality check of every batch of dyes, helps us boast of superior quality, day in and day out. We never let a batch of dyes get a green signal, unless and until it passes every extensive test that we make it go through. We truly believe in eliminating competition through a stringent quality maintenance

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