Production Process

Production Process

This is what the various stages of Production look like, at Munna Dyes.

1. Purchasing the Raw Materials

At Munna Dyes, we have an adept team which always plans prior to buy raw materials, in order to maintain punctuality in production, and therefore the final delivery of products as well. We also have people who know how to forecast the fluctuations of market, on the basis of their experience and ability, and also the best of technology available with us. Keeping in mind all factors, we always secure all the essential raw materials within the stipulated time.

1. Plan To Purchase Raw Materials
2. Raw Materials Purchase

2. Quality of the Raw Materials

The quality of the raw materials decides, in a huge way, what the quality of the dyestuff would be. That is the reason why we handpick our materials and their suppliers, always order carefully, take regular follow-ups on warehousing, shipping, and so on.

3. Imports Inspection

3. Inspection of the Imports or Raw Materials

A materials-inspection prior to processing aims to identify the characteristics accurately. The inspection team of the quality management-department inspects materials thoroughly according to ISO-9001 Inspection procedure manual.

4. In-putting

4. Pre-Synthesizing Process

While preparing our final product, we need to follow the recipe to the T. That means we can only allow a certain quantity of each raw material, which we decide through highly precise apparatus and measuring tools or instruments, to synthesize a dyestuff or pigment. Our ISO-9001 Inspection equipment-management procedure manual helps us with the process.

5. Synthesizing

5. Dyestuff Synthesizing

Next, the conditions for synthesizing a dyestuff need to be optimum, and more importantly have to be maintained that way. Workers and engineers who have prior experience, usually for about 5 years or so being a part of the production team, are allowed to assume control of the synthesizing process. ISO-9001 Production-management procedure manual, and other guiding material is followed through all stages.

6. Process inspection

6. Inspection of the Process

After the process of synthesizing is over, and we have the primary product in our hands, we have the task of maintaining its quality;this work is done proficiently by the department of quality management through strict inspectinuring instruments g techniques.

7. Drying

7. Drying into Particles

The next step is drying the product into particles, which is achieved by the production team by making use of our spray-drying facilities - one of the many technological marvels available with us.

8. Blending

8. Blending a Dyestuff

Now comes the stage where the expert technicians in our production team sort materials that are homogenous to one another, and combine them to manufacture optimum products.

9. Final Inspection of the Primary Product

For the final inspection, the department of quality management has a sample of every manufactured product collected, conduct dyeing test on them to see their coloring, fastness, etc., and compared with every standard sample through a spectrophotometer. Anything above the least allowable error limit is discarded. The ones that pass the test are sent into packaging.

9. Final Inspection
10. Package

10. Packaging of Product

At Munna Dyes, we use Pe-drum which is a recyclable and an eco-friendly vessel, in order to store dyestuff. For small packaging units, we make use of automatic packing service.

11. Storage, Delivery

11. Storage, and Finally, Delivery

Finally, we transport the product in a way that it reaches our customers in as short time as possible, while being completely secure. Every dyestuff from Munna Dyes Chem is treated, stored, and delivered in accordance with the stipulated guidelines under ISO-9001 product management procedure manual, ISO-9001 identification and traceability management procedure manual, and other material.